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Ecole Christine Morrison Elementary
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​Christine Morrison (1903-1994) Christine Morrison Photo.jpg

We are proud to be named Christine Morrison Elementary School after Ms. Christine Morrison, a long time Mission educator, whose belief in students’ potential inspired many to “Fly like an Eagle” and to strive for personal excellence.

Christine Morrison, “a champion of young people”, taught in Mission School from 1922 to 1968. Born in Hatzic, Ms. Morrison attended Normal School for her teacher’s training. After graduating, she worked as a teacher, librarian, principal, guidance counsellor and teacher of special needs students. In 1947 she was hired as the first guidance counselor for girls and the following year, she formulated the course program for all guidance teachers in British Columbia!

Guided by her belief “Each of us has a potential and as individuals it’s up to each of us to work to the best of our ability to develop that potential.” Miss Morrison “...raised the level of the lives of a great many people” during her 46 years of service.

In 1992, she received, in her words “the greatest honour”, for her outstanding dedication and service to education when Christine Morrison Elementary School was opened. At the opening she stated: “On this journey I was not alone for out there was a magnificent student body who were by my side every step of the way as we walked the hallways of our school and together we mastered every challenge offered to us.”