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Ecole Christine Morrison Elementary
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Programs and Services

STAR Behaviour

STAR Behavior is a tool to help students make socially responsible decisions in a variety of situations. It was developed by staff and students. Our expectation is that all people in the building (students, staff, and visitors) apply the code at all times. STAR Eng.pdf posters are displayed throughout the school. A STAR Fr.pdf poster is used in French Immersion classrooms. Students are taught the STAR matrix behaviours at the beginning of the year. Students receive positive recognition slips from staff in acknowledgement of appropriate behaviour. Teachers and administrators use the STAR matrix to discuss behaviour, consequences, and goals for improvement with individual students as needed.


French Immersion Program - click HERE for our brochure 

École Christine Morrison School is a dual track school, offering a regular English program and a French Immersion program. >read more


Intensive Core French Program

Intensive Core French (ICF) is a second-language teaching approach in which students in Grade 6 receive 80% of instruction in French during the first half of the year, and 20% in the second half. This method increases their French skills significantly compared to the regular Core French. This program is for students who will be entering Grade 6 next September and is only offered at Windebank Elementary.  Students continue in the ICF program at Heritage Park Middle School in Grades 7, 8, and 9.

For more information, click HERE


Learning Assistance

The purpose of learning assistance is to provide a school-based service designed to support teachers and their students with learning difficulties.  In the learning assistance program, students are helped to develop effective learning strategies that will enable them to adapt to various learning situations and to feel successful in their ability to learn.

As all subjects are based on the ability to read and write, priority will be given to support in language arts.  Learning assistance will, whenever possible, be available for students from kindergarten to grade seven. However, preference will be given to Kindergarten, Grade One, Grade Two and Grade Three as part of the district's early success  program. By giving early intervention to primary students, hopefully learning difficulties will be reduced in the intermediate grades.



Kindergarten is an important milestone in a child’s development. Children who enter kindergarten are generally inquisitive, imaginative, active, and eager to learn. They enjoy exploring, experimenting, playing, and working with others. At École Christine Morrison, we strive to provide kindergarten students with a safe stimulating environment. Our goal is the development of students’ self confidence in their ability to learn, opening the door to further learning in the school system.


Student Leadership Program

At École Christine Morrison senior students participate in our Student Leadership program. Students provide service to the school in a variety of areas including office monitors, primary classroom monitors, and concession monitors. Students learn important concepts such as responsibility, commitment, and service to others. Most importantly, students learn first hand that the many positive programs offered at this school are the result of hard work and collaborative teamwork.


Peer Counselors

Peer Counselors are senior students who are able to assist primary students on the playground during recess and lunch.