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Stó: lo New Year

October 18, 2023

Stó: lo New Year


Why do the Stó:lō celebrate New Year in September this year?

The Stó:lō celebrate the New Year in September because it is “time for things to be finished" - called “temhila'lxw".

For example, the harvest is finished.

The growing season is over.

Berries, bulrush, cedar and plants have been harvested.

Because this season is called “time for things to be finished", now, something new is going to begin. 

This is the beginning of winter activities.

The Sto:lo moved back to their Fall and Winter homes.

New clothing would be made, baskets, hats – all from the material that had been gathered in the spring and summer months.

This year, on September 27, the first sliver of the New Moon will show.  This indicates that a new month will begin, and also the Stó:lō New Year. ​